Poker Starting Hands

Starting Hand Charts, Systems...

Poker Starting HandsMany articles on this site address starting hand issues, but these are the ones that most focus on the topic.

The Secret of Omaha High-Low
The key starting hand concept of the game

Training Wheels of Fortune
Learn to apply creative, logical thinking to poker, not parrot a starting hand chart

Texas Holdem Starting Hand Charts
Shortcuts... something that seems like an aid makes things harder

Trouble Hands
"Trouble" is where profits are made

Loose Ends - Pocket Pairs
Avoiding the Texas Holdem pocket pair trap

The Poker Bet
Importance of considering post-flop bet-ability when considering starting hands

Down in Value
Chronic weak-tight thinking leads to dreadful starting hand ideas

Playing AQ Before the Flop
Getting value in Limit Hold'em from different types of hand

Omaha Myths
Debunking myths regarding Omaha High-Low including some about starting hands

Omaha Hand Equity
The myth that Omaha hand values run close together

The Prettiest Omaha Hand I've Ever Seen
The best hitting of the flop with the best action