Poker Math

A Look at Some Math Ideas

Poker MathPoker is a series of mathematical equations that culminate in a lifetime bottom line. At the same time, poker is primarily a game of people where we get advantages over opponents via a wide variety of skills that are not primarily mathematical nature but result in making the resulting math of our confrontations more advantageous to us.

Changing the Poker Math
Executing on top of knowing

Poker Expected Value
Positive expectation play

Poker Variance
Bill Chen's simple explanation

Good Variance vs. Bad Risk
Variance is a winning player's friend; unnecessary risk is not

Poker Odds and Gambler's Ruin
Getting the real best of it

Poker Bankroll Management

Omaha Hand Equity
The Myth That Omaha Hand Values Run Close Together

Poker Rake
The impact of rake on a player's bottom line

Poker Smarts
Intelligence and the Smart Poker Player